Carpet Cleaning

What we do

  • Assessment of the condition of the carpet and identify any areas that may require special attention.
  • Removal of loose debris and dirt from the carpet surface with a high-powered vacuum cleaner.
  • Application of a suitable carpet shampoo or cleaning solution to break down dirt and stains.
  • Use of a carpet cleaning machine to shampoo the carpet thoroughly, focusing on high-traffic areas and spots with visible stains.
  • Extraction of the shampoo and dirt from the carpet using the carpet cleaning machine, leaving the carpet damp but not saturated.
  • Air Drying the carpet using fans or open windows to expedite the drying process if necessary.
  • Inspection of the carpet for any remaining stains or spots and perform spot treatments as needed.

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Green cleaning, or cleaning with products made from environmentally friendly ingredients designed to preserve health and environmental quality, is becoming increasingly important to homeowners across North America. Green or eco-friendly cleaning is more than just a trend; it signifies a healthy and much-needed shift in thinking as more people choose to take steps necessary to protect themselves, their loved ones and the environment.